Rolling into Another Good Year

Around Coastal Northern California

Rolling Hills of Northern California

These rolling hills near the shores of Northern California symbolizes everything I feel about rolling into the new year – Smooth, Velvety, Lyrical, Tranquil.

I hope you feel the same too.

Happy New Year from my heart to yours.

Photo Credits– Taken by my husband few years ago, when we still had ample annual rainfall. Location – close to home.



A Few Possibilities

I try not to check the social media, news channels and papers, online or otherwise, following the sad incidents. Year after year, country after country, it is becoming unbearable. We see and read daily about hundreds of people impacted, but the truth is that there are thousands who are not even mentioned anywhere. They are part of communal wars, riots, religious outbursts, resistance wars etc.

I started looking for reasons. I found them convoluted.  I searched for trigger points, but they look like triggers caused by a big bang phenomenon and not sequential. It will not be easy to pin point the causes now. Some of these disturbances have history since centuries.

And if I cannot influence change in a big way, there are still few small and reasonable things to do.

Time and again, it is proven that mindful living, empathy and respect for others cannot be a wrong choice.

The Child in All of Us

Halloween is still three weeks away. But since last month, there is this mysterious Spider-Man stirring up anxiety in my neighborhood.

Masked Spiderman_1We had quite a few break-ins in the last few months, so it is natural that great many of us are worried and paranoid.

But today I bring to you the comments from some of my neighbors who can see the lighter side in this.

Masked Spiderman_2

Being vigilant and cautious is essential, but having a funny bone is vital too.

Masked Spiderman_5

Masked Spiderman_4

And everyone needs to smile on the hump day -Wednesday.

Masked Spiderman_6