Chasing Dreams ‘Away’

Dare to Dream


I dream. I hold on to my dreams. It is not as pleasant as it sounds.
Because I am not talking about the wishful thinking here. I am alluding to the actual dreams that I see every time I am presumably asleep.

Dreams by definition are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur usually involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Internet is full of explanations, theories and even conspiracies about dreams. I have done my share of exploration out there without heading anywhere.

Clinically, doctors assure me that everyone dreams. It is natural. It is normal. But after talking to many friends and of course, to the people I live with, I have come to the conclusion that different people have different take on dreams. Many say they dream sometimes and they are not bothered by it. Many say that they dream but they don’t remember anything when they wake up. How Lucky, I say !! Some swear that they don’t dream at all. The luckiest of all, I think !

And there are a select few, like me, who say when they wake up, they vividly remember all their dreams. Waking up like that is a queasy feeling. More often than not, there are no logic in these dreams. There are no patterns or sequences. Sometimes there is no connection to anything related to me or to my world in any way. In these dreams, anyone meets anyone, anywhere to talk about anything. In these dreams, anything happens anywhere, at anytime to anybody. Some dreams are intoxicating euphoric. Some are just abysmal. Many times they come pelting in successions of good and bad, during the same night.

The dreams that have intertwined good and bad in a complex weave wakes me up perplexed. And when I wake up, I feel the need to search for the connecting part between the dream world and the real world. I have even tried to sneak in some more sleep by going back to bed immediately in the hope of steering the dreams to the direction I want to and in the hope of filling that gap. But that seldom happens. I only end up waking up with again with supplementary dreams that have taken another bizarre course.

What is more bizarre is sometimes during the day when I have a deja vu moment; I feel that it might have happened during one of the dreams. My close friends say that chronologically it would have to be the other way round and I had flipped the sequence subconsciously. I like it to think they are right.

I seem to have no control of the things that happen in my dreams. I had even religiously written down the dreams for a while so that I could analyze and decipher something out of them. But that didn’t help me the way I had hoped it would. The best thing that came out of writing down the dreams were beautiful stories and more material for writing. I am glad for that part.

For once, I want to to wake up with my mind as a blank slate, fresh and ready to perceive things for what they are. And that day too, I shall write a story.

That was me and my dreams.
What about you? What is your take?