Virtually Speaking

Imagine a world where people are rational and abide by objective thinking. There are no emotions involved. Every sentence said has a direct meaning pertaining to an agreed and understood context. None contrived, none convoluted. Every action is carried out as a defined task. Nothing is left for interpretation. No strings attached when the task is over and it is time to move on to another.  And if things are not clear open communication is received with open arms. Ultimately leaving all those who are involved in a satisfied and clear state of mind.
Such a contentious world, one would say, would be the world where machines thrive and it is no place for humans.The advocates for emotions and compassion would harangue that it is not possible for humans to live in such a world.
But where do the feelings and sentiments take us. To the state of euphoria, to the sense of emotional security. That is only true, if everything happening is favorable. What happens when things do not go as planned, what happens when feelings are crushed. On a broader scale, the mighty rule, the voracious snatch, the ostentatious flourish. And all those who get the short end of the stick, struggle to survive. The sentiments and emotions are very subjective. They vary from person to person, place to place, time to time. Pandora’s Box – that sums it up. How much resiliency is expected of us? Is each one us equipped well to handle this sinusoidal emotional wave at all times?
We know the truth, we are living it. We know the pain, we are enduring it. Is it time for us to test something different?
While attending a digital summit earlier this month, this notion of rational world hit me like a bullet. I think, it is not a world of imagination anymore. It is in motion, it is already shaping up. If we look closely at all the modernization and globalization, the virtual and digital world is where people are moving to. In all naivety, today many of us scorn at and even condemn those who live in & out of this world. We say there is no life, no compassion, no empathy there. But reality is there are more and more people crossing over everyday into this world. And they are settling in there, comfortably.
History has numerous proofs where new cultures form and evolve all the time. Many of them even prosper well.
Once refined, this one might just be able to stand the test of time and might end up non insidious after all.

Morning in Woods

The period of dawn when there is just enough light to walk thru the woods, enough to observe and absorb – It is so calming, so rejuvenating; One gets transcended into a mystical atmosphere.

Although it is one of the cliched fact told over and over again, it cannot hurt to say one more time. For each such morning is different, each experience is different in its own memorable way.

Spring up in woods

Spring up in woods

Spring Up in Woods

Rays stir, fluttering at horizon,
Getting ready to stretch out.

And it is quiet in the woods, very still.

Blue green Eucalytus leaves hang in slumber;
Giant pPetticoat palms fronds refuse to be roused.
Dreamingly lay many sprawled old Oaks,
Embracing the warmth of vines and runners.

Blooming today to leave the cosy folds –
Thats immature, so think the lil buds.
Warp and woof, smooth and unperturbed,
Roll out crisp grasses on the floor.

Nothing is moving, no one is running
In the silent clusters of the woody bushes.
Four or many legged souls, or those winged ones
Did they go some place else, you would wonder.

And It is quiet in the woods, very still.

Until Rays tickle the sleeping canopy,
And shake-up the tranquility for the day.